Want to Move to the Cloud?… Here’s How!

Want to move to the cloud? …. What services do we recommend?

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By now you probably have heard of this Web 2.0 movement called “The Cloud.” For those of us who aren’t geeks the question remains, “what is the cloud?” Well, to put the ideology in layman terms, it allows us average human beings to perform supernatural feats.

No seriously, cloud computing is the philosophy of using applications, programs, and websites for every day business uses. Examples of this might be online word processors, photo editing software, and etc.

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Now Then….

What does that mean for me and my business? Well, it means that you will be able to use any computer in the world to access business class software and resources, making you the definition of a virtual workforce.

I said all of that to say this, just like not all things are made equal, not all cloud solutions are made equal. While cloud computing has huge cost savings down the road when interpreted through a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model, choosing the wrong web applications can have devastating consequences. Negative benefits such as steep learning curves, loss of productivity, and the most dreaded of consequence all, the loss of money (or even possibly the end of the world).

To avoid those dire problems we have assembled a nice list in various categories we think that will help the average business streamline processes, improve productivity, and ultimately make more money.

So Viola, here is our magic list (Enjoy!):

Accounting Software


Not so Free

Document and Word Processing Software


Not so Free

Online File Storage


Not so Free

Well that is it ladies and gents.

Need a list more honed to your companies personal needs? Contact us and we will be glad to put one together for you, to take your company to the cloud!

Call us today for a free personalized solution.

Happy Cloud Computing!

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