What Does Your Website Say About You?

Forget the old school brochure (trust me your prospective clients already have) and get with the digital age, a website. There are huge benefits to having a wonderful website, and some even bigger drawbacks if you do not. Don’t be like the large percentages of companies that think their website is just a place to brag about how much better they are than their competition, and do so in a visually unattractive way.

Ask yourself this question, “What Does your website say about you?”

If you look at our site Net Design Studios (www.NetDesignStudios.com) we look to portray a high end boutique website design firm that is about speed, style, and simplicity (just go along with our shameless plug…ok?), and that is the style and sense we try to add to all of our clients projects. If you notice, our website has a minimalistic approach for simplicity, uses accent colors to focus on our past projects, and loads in a few seconds because that is how fast we get our clients projects done (now see, was listening to us rant so painful… probably).

Well, your site albeit might be new website from one of those “Design it Yourself, (but it will probably look like crap)” companies, trust me you are not giving off the right vibes and you will be sending that potential client into the loving arms of your competition in no time.

Your website should speak volumes to what you as a company stand for. Also strategically it should draw focus towards your companies strength, as well as make you money.

So you ask, “How do I do that..?”

Well we are glad you asked. The long and short of it is, you should have a professional design your site with the end in mind. If your company sells widgets, be sure to make your widgets stand out with a clean purchase page. If you are selling widget services, you should have a site that displays past work if that is possible or gives glowing testimonials and clean imagery to show that you are trustworthy and proficient.

Of course the tips listed above are very brief and will vary from company to company, but the idea you should walk away with is that you should have established and integrated with your brand.

Your branding be the difference from you having one “cheap-o client” wanting to haggle with every penny he uses, to a Bill Gates like client whom just says “oh that’s it?”. Brand will make you stand out from your competitors, give you repeat business, and best of all, make you look cool!

Keep in mind the saying that I am sure we have all heard a million times, “You Get What You Pay For.” In the literal sense it seems simple, but when applied to your business, better yet your website, for each dollar not spent towards a quality website will probably cost you two dollars (or more) with the loss of business.

So the moral of the story is:

  1. Build a Website You Love
  2. Build a Website Your Customers Will Love and Come Back Too
  3. Build a Brand in The Process

….And Become Awesome!

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