Design Fund

We are Designers with a Heart

What is The Design Fund?
Net Design Studios’ Design Fund, is the way we give back to the non profit community. It is a donor matched program where non profits raise funds that will be matched for creative services for their organization.


How Does it Work?
Nonprofits register for a design fund account. We estimate the costs and agree to perform their desired tasks. We will match your raised funds for your organization’s creative services needs. For example, lets say you need $2,000.00 worth of creative services for internet marketing. Through the design fund if you raise $1,000.00 we will match the other $1,000.00 worth of services to meet your needs. Thus, cutting your creative services costs in half!


How Can You Help?
Sponsor a school or non-profit organization’s website through their individual design fund. Interested in helping but don’t have a specific organization in mind? There are many organizations in our community that can use your help and support including dozens of worthy non-profits and schools alike. Contact us and we’ll match you up with a program or organization in need. Any reasonable contribution is accepted.


I Am A Non Profit How Can I Sign Up?
Registration is easy. Send us an email that includes, your organization’s name, address, phone number, mission, EIN, copy of your tax-exempt status, and contact person to Make sure your subject header is “Design Fund-(Organization’s Name)” and someone will get in contact with you shortly.