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The Alternative to Hiring an Design Employee

What is a Small Business Studio Plan?

Studio Plans are priced and packaged to give small businesses the best prices while cutting down on the hassles that come with an employee. They provide the best alternative when you need long term ongoing creative services especially when compared to the hundreds if not thousands of dollars paid in salary, training, taxes, benefits, and insurance. Not to mention Studio Plans provide a full design team skilled in a number of creative services all less than the price for one employee.



Dare to compare,

Studio Plans on average save hundreds of dollars, here is why. The average hourly rate for a basic designer/programmer is $65 per hour most places. This person is only available during business hours and you must pay a wage, payroll taxes, insurance and benefits which can vary from state to state. Then just include the $700 and up needed for a powerful computer with the right software to even get started. When compared to a studio plan the savings can be enormous.



Plan Pricing

The math is simple, our plans are priced to give you the most bang for your buck.


+10 Plan = $250 per month

+20 Plan = $400 per month

+40 Plan = $750 per month

Get 10 hours of service each month to use on any of the services we offer. With weekly time reports and dedicated customer support. In addition, receive an additional discount off $25 per hour off from our normal hourly rate for each hour you need over the plan limit (and don’t worry small hourly overages since 4-5 hours over are provided at no additional cost). The +20 and +40 plans are exactly what their names imply, all of the above listed services with more allotted hours priced at $400 for the +20 plan (20 hours a month) and $750 for the +40 (40 hours per month).


Did we mention….

We don’t believe in contracts. We understand your business needs may change at a drop of a hat and we think it would be criminal to lock you into any long term contract. With a Studio Plan their are no hidden fees, penalties, or hoops to jump thru if you decide change your mind down the road.


What’s the Catch?

Really, nothing, we just really would love to have your long term business. To get started simply give us a call and we will start working with you on your needs today.