Our Pricing

Our Pricing is Simple

$50 per hour. Period.


It is that simple, just one flat rate for any of the services we offer. While we have web specials from time to time, our flat rate pricing guarantees you get what you pay for, the best service for a fair price.


How do you figure out the cost?

Our prices are broken down into the amount of hours it typically takes to complete a project. For instance a basic HTML website that consist of two design layouts (one design for the home page and another design for all the other pages) would typically cost about $500.


The price is based on 1 hour to design and layout one page graphically and 4 hours to code it. The cost is figured out by multiplying the amount of hours it would take to layout and code the 2 different pages, then multiply that by our hourly rate (5 hours per page x 2 page layouts = 10 hours x $50 per hour hour = $500 for a basic HTML website with unlimited add-on pages). Now to be fair certain factors can change the pricing such as developing customer requested special features, developing on advanced platforms we support (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and BuddyPress), which will increase the time it takes us to complete your project, and in turn increase the cost.


Keeping Things Simple…

To keep things as simple as possible we have created a “Typical Services Price Sheet” so that you can budget your project appropriately, but remember you can always click the Get a Free Quote button at the top of this page to get a free custom quote specific for your needs.


Our Pricing Promise

We don’t believe in guarantees (we feel that they are gimmicky). Our promise is that if a project takes longer than the amount we quoted you, we eat the difference. In addition, if we go under that amount we quoted you, we will credit you the difference.


Need a Monthly Solution For Your Small Business?

Allow us to introduce Small Business Studio Plans, the Alternative to Hiring a Full Time Designer, click here to learn more.