Why Choose Us


We are dedicated to provide all of our customers with the highest level of service. We take each project personally and focus on the most intricate details. With our flexible pricing and service offerings we enable our clients to pay on their terms. Our skilled staff have diverse backgrounds to ensure that the best and brightest are working on your projects. It is our personal guarantee to serve every client as if they were a part of our family.


Our “Studio of Success” 10 Guarantees



100%1. 110% Money Back Guarantee*
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your project after viewing a draft during the design phase, we will refund 100% of your money and will credit your account 10% or send you a personal gift worth the difference.




2. 110% Satisfaction Guarantee**

We want you to be overly excited about your project, if not we will make unlimited changes it until we get it right.


3. 100% Project Completion Guarantee

We look to serve you and understand that you are in control. We guarantee to complete your project from the start and until you say it is finished.


4. 100% Authentic Custom Design Guarantee

No templates, themes, or clip art. It is our promise that your project is truly authentic, innovative, and custom built for your specific needs.


5. 100% Always on Time Delivery Guarantee

We understand time is money and minus minor changes and edits, we guarantee that every project to be completed in the provided timelines given.


6. Any Size Project Guarantee

We are not intimidated by the size of any project. It is our promise to take on any project within our scope no matter how large or small.


7. Professional One on One Support Guarantee

With daily phone support, unlimited email access, and an online client command center, we pride ourselves on our level of support. We promise to personally match you with a design consultant to work with you throughout your entire project.


8. Flexible Pricing Guarantee

With packaged pricing, hourly pricing, and Studio Plans, we take the think work out of payments. We promise to provide our clients with a fast, easy, secure and flexible way to pay in full or installments.


9. Open Source and Technology Driven Guarantee

With a focus on open source platforms and Web 2.0 technology, we guarantee to engineer your projects with the best solutions for your given needs.


10. Our Honesty and Transparency Guarantee

We guarantee to alert you of any technology limitations, unforeseen cost, or forthcoming issues before they happen, and promise to be completely honest with you if mistakes do appear.



Our “Not So Small” Print (In Accordance to our Honesty and Transparency Guarantee)

* Valid to only projects involving a design phase (ie: websites, graphics, certain marketing campaigns, and etc). When involving a refund 100% of the total amount paid to date will be paid back to the client or credited to the clients account (either one is applicable and of the client’s choosing). Only valid through the first design draft of the project. This guarantee is not eligible if the project has gone beyond the first design draft in the design phase of the project. The additional 10% must be credited to your Net Design Studios account or client must state that they opt for the personal gift from Net Design Studios instead. It is up to Net Design Studios what the personal gift may be and will tell the client what the gift is at the time of choosing the gift option. Net Design Studios has the option not to honor this guarantee at anytime or for any reason if Net Design Studios is under the suspicion of malicious or detrimental and damaging use of this guarantee.


** This guarantee applies to all changes (ie: design, coding, and etc.) The number of changes are unlimited however in the event the amount of time needed to make those changes eclipse the predesignated hours dedicated for the current project, the excess hours will be billed to the client at the current hourly rate. Net Design Studios will alert you in advance if desired changes will cause additional billing and payment is due before changes are made. In the event project does not go over the estimated project hours, no additional fees will be charged.